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Intel Easy Migration
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Chromebook gets ‘OK Google’ and Intel Easy Migration App

Inferse Chromebook gets ‘OK Google and ‘Intel Easy Migration’ App functionality. Google has made an effort over the last year to enhance the identification and functions of the feature. Users can use ‘OK Google’ with Chromebook, Intel Easy Migration This small service, named “Intel Easy Migration’ help users to move …

Mississippi Attorney General
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Google sues Mississippi Attorney General for doing MPAA’s dirty work

The Tech giant is taking legal action against the Mississippi Attorney General Jim Hood, saying that he exceeded his authority in suing the search giant over piracy. In its suit, the Tech giant points to emails that were released from the Sony Pictures entertainment massive cyber attack. The e-mails appear …

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Industrialist Elon Musk’s Hyperloop mass transit system, that was revealed last year as a potential alternative to high-speed railways, may actually get itself built. A California startup actually believes that this futuristic transportation system can be built safely, affordably, and can be used to connect cities across the United States. Hyperloop …

Facebook suffers drop
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Facebook suffers drop in popularity among Teens

A new study found that, about 88 percent of the teens use the Facebook social network, is down from 94 percent the year prior. Facebook is getting less and less among the teenagers. According to the survey conducted by the research firm, Frank N. Magid Associates , in the United …


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Microsoft starts rolling out Lumia Denim update to selected Lumia devices in China, India and across Europe | OneTechAvenue

[…] Microsoft begins distributing Lumia Denim( […]


They're not trying to keep it balanced (they don't know how, since they are totally clueless when it comes to RPGs), they are just trying to make us play longer…

Google Translate Adds Support for 10 More Languages - HueWireHueWire

[…] Google has recently introduced its voice search services in Hindi which also supports seven other Indian languages that includes Punjabi,  Gujarati, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Tamil. With over 200 Million online users and…

Facebook Dumps Microsoft Bing for Search - HueWireHueWire

[…] On Monday, a new tool has been introduced by Facebook that allows its users to quickly search posts from news feed and find past comments and other information also,…

Carlton Stokes

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