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Twitter spying
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Twitter spying on you via the apps you install: How to Stop it

Twitter has announced that it will start to gather information about the applications, users have download within their smartphones, unless explicitly denied the permission to do. So, unless you are the same users to specify it, the social network will automatically go to ‘pry’ into the smartphone to learn more about …

Ubisoft apologies for Assassins Creed Unity
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Ubisoft apologies for Assassin’s Creed Unity bugs and gifts

Ubisoft apologies for Assassin’s Creed Unity users, whereas Ubisoft gives free expansion to upcoming ‘Dead Kings’ to all the users of Assassin Creed who suffered due to technical issues and bugs in the game. I want to sincerely apologize on behalf of Ubisoft and the entire Assassin’s Creed team. These …

Android One Smartphone
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Xiaomi wants to launch Android One Smartphone

If Hugo Bara Xiaomi confirms to be a big fan of Android One, then in 2015 it will release a smartphone, designed for emerging markets. Xiaomi wants to launch Android One Smartphone Xiaomi is interested to market Android One Smartphone, thus encompassing the recent initiative of Google, designed especially for conquering …

Graphics in video games

A Brief History Of Graphics In Video Games Part 1 & 2

Graphics in video games can make or break a game these days. They are expected to be amazing. So how did we ever enjoy games before the graphics we have today? Graphics in video games have evolved from simple squares sliding around to cinematic movies that are sometimes more fun …


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Could not possibly disagree more with this articles headline and opinion of the Crew beta. I tried both closed, and the recent open betas, gave em all a fair shot,…


At least it's better than DriveClub as it's working pretty well now, a hell of a lot better than DriveClub did 2 weeks in. This collection rocks!


No, it wont out-sell Google Glass, because it is a fake product.


This is just one of those feeble attempts of a company jamming out a product well before the holidays just for some sort of sales sake..... I'll always say that…


Microsoft simply couldn't afford to NOT release this game before Christmas. Its technically the 2nd major exclusive game released for Xbone in 2014 (and its still just a remaster) and…