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Apple capitalization reached $700 billion

Apple capitalization has reached a record of $700 billion, a huge figure, such as to break the oil giant Exxon. Apple capitalization reached $700 billion  New record in the Wall Street for Apple: The California company has in fact reached the $700 billion market capitalization, more than the value of …

Intel And McAfee Plan To Remove Password
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Intel And McAfee Plan To Remove Password

By year’s end, Intel and McAfee will announce a software for biometric authentication to remove password. The two companies have not provided detailed information. Intel and McAfee plan to remove password The passwords are still the most widely used authentication system and, at the same time, the least secure. Intel …

Cyanogen themes
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Cyanogen Themes announced for Cyanogen OS

Cyanogen has designed a store where users will find Cyanogen themes compatible with Cyanogen OS, that can be installed with the app Themes. Cyanogen Themes announced for Cyanogen OS Cyanogen has launched Cyanogen Theme Design Challenge, inviting artists and content creators, also development of themes for the operating system OS …

Gorilla Glass by Adam and Jamie

The Incredible Properties Of Gorilla Glass Demonstrated By Adam And Jamie

IWBAG showed you the incredible Gorilla Glass drop test – Now let Adam Savage And Jamie Hyneman show you Ok Mythbusters, so you think this whole Gorilla Glass thing isn’t true? You think Gorilla Glass is some kind of internet hoax because of the incredibly flexible and durable it is? Well Corning …


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No, it wont out-sell Google Glass, because it is a fake product.


This is just one of those feeble attempts of a company jamming out a product well before the holidays just for some sort of sales sake..... I'll always say that…


Microsoft simply couldn't afford to NOT release this game before Christmas. Its technically the 2nd major exclusive game released for Xbone in 2014 (and its still just a remaster) and…


really nice.

Chrome OS Update 39.0.2171.85 with Chromecast Support for Media | PUPUWEB

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