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Light Up Cat Ear Headphones!

A fusion of headphones and cat ears with an LED flair Who doesn’t love wearable cat ears? Well what about eats that are also external speakers and headphones? As a music lover I have to say yes, very much yes to this. Introducing Axent Wear, the people behind these awesome …

Bug Bounty Rewards Program
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The Bug Bounty Rewards Program

Did you know that you can make a substantial amount of money through a Bug Bounty Rewards Program? I didn’t know either. If I was indeed a software specialist, or even better, a hacker, then I would be online all day looking for bugs in software. The cash rewards these …

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Labyrinth Shines New Light on a Classic

Labyrinth will retell the myth of Theseus in a tragic-comedy that anyone can enjoy Most of us have heard the classic tale of Theseus the Greek hero who was thrown into the labyrinth as a sacrifice to the Minotaur.  Only to end up defeating the beast and finding his way …

Panti Bliss
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The Queen of Ireland

The fabulousness that is Panti Bliss. When you hear the word “drag” what do you think of? It’s usually a split between “racing” and “queen”.  Well in Ireland there is a new Queen. A drag queen and her name is Panti Bliss. Panti has been in the drag queen show …

Brian (@bbrian017)

This is so funny, what an awesome idea, Jimmy Fallon is seriously the best I just love him. Truth be told I have an entire pvr full of his recordings..…

Assassins Creed Phantom Blade Available - A Pixelated ViewA Pixelated View

[…] Ubisoft Lifts the Veil on their Latest Assassin Arno […]

Author: Keith Hearn

No, the link is in big bold type at the bottom of the article :) If you are interested, here is the link:

Stephen Tanner

Seem like you forgot to actually link to the product...

Good News for Selfie Lovers | Geek News Zone

[…] of smart-phones available in the market with edgy and next-generation clicking capabilities, like iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nokia Lumia 1020. And, latest to join the trend is…