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Quell the first FDA approved drug free chronic pain management device
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Quell Eliminates Chronic Pain without Heavy Narcotics

Quell is the first wearable pain relief device that can eliminate users chronic pain simply by stimulating their brains receptors Millions of people suffer with chronic pain in America alone, their pain ranges from minor to debilitating. Chronic pain is also among the most difficult ailments for doctors to treat. …

Double Fine Adventure Series Announced!
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‘The Double Fine Adventure’ Series is Ready to Take us All for a Ride!

2 Player Productions alongside Double Fine are releasing the Double Fine Adventure series to show the world what it takes to make a game! If you’re a serious indie game fan than there is no doubt you were knee-deep in the original Kickstarter for Broken Age. The indie hit developed …

ScreenStick offers the ultimate control over smartphones & tablets
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Take Control of your Smartphone and Tablet with ScreenStick

An extremely sensitive joystick, Screenstick, gives you the precision control you’ve always wanted with your smartphone or tablets games and apps Mobile devices have become a part of everyday life for us all; mobile gaming in particular has exploded in popularity in not time at all. During the daily commute, …

weekly heroic matchmaking exploit discovered
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‘Destiny’ Exploit Cancels Out Weekly Heroic Matchmaking

Destiny players have discovered a simple exploit that allows them to escape the weekly heroic mandatory matchmaking In its most recent Destiny update Bungie added mandatory matchmaking to the weekly heroic strike. Anytime players jumped into the weekly heroic without friends in their party or if their friends left later …