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Phantom Blade
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Grab An Assassin’s Creed Unit Phantom Blade Replica

The life-size model of the Asassin’s Creed Unity phantom blade is the perfect way to complete a cosplay set Assassin’s Creed Unity is just around the corner, and Ubisoft has been doing everything they can to get people excited. They have been blanketing gamers with trailers and news about the …

MegaBot, Inc.
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MegaBots Inc. Wants To Start A Robot War

Simulator games are very popular, but MegaBots Inc. lets you step into the real thing, like a 15 foot robot! The three co-founders of MegaBots Inc. have much bigger plans than just building remote control robots. In fact, their vision entails a lot of money and robots that can seat two people …

Missing Drone
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Oh Where, Oh Where, Has My Little Drone Gone….

Mans missing drone is treated like a lost pet or human A White Plains, New York, resident is currently searching for an unusual missing object: his drone. Many people question the ethical implications of drone usage, but people are allowed to own and use them in the U.S. for personal …

Emoji search with Bing
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Lazy People Can Now Speak Emoji with Bing Search

Has Bing simplified search so much that we can now do an Emoji Search? People use these Japanese emoticon smileys everywhere – from chat to social media discussions to Emails to our notebooks and personal diaries. In written form of communication, nothing is better than emoji to show emotions and display facial …

Brian (@bbrian017)

This is so funny, what an awesome idea, Jimmy Fallon is seriously the best I just love him. Truth be told I have an entire pvr full of his recordings..…

Assassins Creed Phantom Blade Available - A Pixelated ViewA Pixelated View

[…] Ubisoft Lifts the Veil on their Latest Assassin Arno […]

Author: Keith Hearn

No, the link is in big bold type at the bottom of the article :) If you are interested, here is the link:

Stephen Tanner

Seem like you forgot to actually link to the product...

Good News for Selfie Lovers | Geek News Zone

[…] of smart-phones available in the market with edgy and next-generation clicking capabilities, like iPhone 6 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, Nokia Lumia 1020. And, latest to join the trend is…