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Mozilla shows Firefox’s new Search Interface

Mozilla has recently announced that, as of December, US users will see Yahoo as the default search engine in Firefox. But the foundation has also planned a change in functionality of the research itself, revealing some interesting news for the search box. Mozilla shows Firefox’s new Search Interface  The future …

Dropbox for iOS and Android
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Dropbox for iOS and Android, integration with Office

The roll-out of the update for Dropbox, which activates integration between Office and the cloud storage service in app for iOS and Android has started. Dropboxfor iOS and Android has announced its integration with Office in the app. Dropbox for iOS and Android, integration with Office In the latest versions have been …

The Crew Beta
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The Crew Beta Is An Amazing Experience

The Crew beta shows that the game is much more than Ubisoft has let on Ubisoft has given the world a small glimpse of their upcoming title The Crew this week. The Crew beta went live for just 24 hours Wednesday to give players a taste of the action. What …

apple capitalization
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Apple capitalization reached $700 billion

Apple capitalization has reached a record of $700 billion, a huge figure, such as to break the oil giant Exxon. Apple capitalization reached $700 billion  New record in the Wall Street for Apple: The California company has in fact reached the $700 billion market capitalization, more than the value of …


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At least it's better than DriveClub as it's working pretty well now, a hell of a lot better than DriveClub did 2 weeks in. This collection rocks!


No, it wont out-sell Google Glass, because it is a fake product.


This is just one of those feeble attempts of a company jamming out a product well before the holidays just for some sort of sales sake..... I'll always say that…


Microsoft simply couldn't afford to NOT release this game before Christmas. Its technically the 2nd major exclusive game released for Xbone in 2014 (and its still just a remaster) and…


really nice.