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Xbox Gold Members Get a Sunset Overdrive Test Ride

Sunset Overdrive will be free for Xbox Gold members for 24 hours Nov 22 Sunset Overdrive is Insominac’s latest game and arguably one of their best. It has amazing action, comedy, a dash of romance. What more could you ask for? Well no matter how great a game sounds there …

trials fusion
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Ubisoft Announces a Number of New Features for Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion Fans have a lot to look forward to in the coming year Last year Ubisoft released the Trials Fusion the next title in their BMX racing series. Trials Fusion put players in a futuristic world to master the craziest tricks. The BMX style game series has a huge …

add adhd
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Can Computer Games Help Combat ADD and ADHD?

In most cases, video games are seen in a negative light by many when it comes to the length of time children spend playing these games. However, in some cases, certain computer games can help lessen the severity of ADD and ADHD in kids. Parents, doctors, and instructors have a …

Google Drive Chromecast
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Chrome OS: support for Google Drive Chromecast

The new update from Google announced for the Chrome OS operating system includes support to Google Drive Chromecast for multimedia content stored on Drive. Chrome OS: support for Google Drive Chromecast The group of Mountain View is constantly striving to improve their platforms. Not only the Android ecosystem available on …


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Nintendo’s New Gaming Approach Track Your Sleep

[…] the user can improve their sleeping experience are sent to the user. I could be wrong, but maybe Nintendo wants to avoid becoming one of those developers that manage…


[…] 6. 進めない、降りられない。 […]


[…] 6. 進めない、降りられない。 […]


Nice article , i'm not happy that it looks like an ipad mini but im all the way for Nokia to stand up again alone step by step , forza…

Excerpt from The Girl with All the Gifts #teasertuesday |

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